Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Challenge #61: Stars & Stripes Challenge!

I'm trying to create more since creating helps me find the inner peace that I need. That peace that keeps me from going crazy sometimes as the world crashes in on me.  I am also trying to share more with the outside world and inspire someone else to do soemthing creative. That being said I turned to the internet for inspiration and came up with a fun 4th of July craft you can eat.
I gathered up all my patriotice papers and some ribbon for this creation (that also just happened to meet the requirements for the circle blog weekly challenge.) I had to go to two different stores to find the large pixie stix but I knew one of the two places that I went to would have them.
I used the Ribbons and Rosette cricut cartridge. It has been by far my most favorite cartridge. I also used the Independence Day cartridge to create the centers for my rosettes.

The rosettes were cut at 4.5 and assembled with 4 of the cut from the cartridge. I used the stat rosette but it really doesn't show in the pictures.

The center peices were cut with scrap of shiny and sparkly paper.

I then glude the rosette on a piece of 5 by 5 paper and cut the bottoms with a fiskars punch.

To adhere the pixie stix to the paper I took another 5 by 5 peice of paper and stapled it to the other one with the stick sandwiched between.

I then took one each of the three colors of ribbon and glued them inside the paper.
Viola a cute fun treat that is sure to be a hit.
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