Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Challenge #61: Stars & Stripes Challenge!

I'm trying to create more since creating helps me find the inner peace that I need. That peace that keeps me from going crazy sometimes as the world crashes in on me.  I am also trying to share more with the outside world and inspire someone else to do soemthing creative. That being said I turned to the internet for inspiration and came up with a fun 4th of July craft you can eat.
I gathered up all my patriotice papers and some ribbon for this creation (that also just happened to meet the requirements for the circle blog weekly challenge.) I had to go to two different stores to find the large pixie stix but I knew one of the two places that I went to would have them.
I used the Ribbons and Rosette cricut cartridge. It has been by far my most favorite cartridge. I also used the Independence Day cartridge to create the centers for my rosettes.

The rosettes were cut at 4.5 and assembled with 4 of the cut from the cartridge. I used the stat rosette but it really doesn't show in the pictures.

The center peices were cut with scrap of shiny and sparkly paper.

I then glude the rosette on a piece of 5 by 5 paper and cut the bottoms with a fiskars punch.

To adhere the pixie stix to the paper I took another 5 by 5 peice of paper and stapled it to the other one with the stick sandwiched between.

I then took one each of the three colors of ribbon and glued them inside the paper.
Viola a cute fun treat that is sure to be a hit.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Where are they now!

This is sort of a where are they now expose on Mr & Mrs Cricut. The seemed so happy and when we last saw them they were expecting cricut number 1. Well some years later they found themselves with 8 little cricuts and after the last set of twins were born Mr Cricut ran off with cuddlebug. Leaving Mrs Cicut with a not so fairy tale life..

I give you the old cricut in the shoe.

You know the one that had some many cricuts she didn't know what to do.
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cricut Collectible Challenge! Magazine ChallengeCricut Blog Challenge #2

I decided to try another one since the rules state we can make as many as we want. I didn't want my backdrop from the wedding scene to go to waste and as I was staring at I thought "What if I revisited the newly wed some time later. What do you think they would be up to"
I ponder this with myself for quite a while and as I was pondering I received news that my niece is expecting and BAM it hit me (and it hurts some) Mr & Mrs Cricut would be expecting their 1st cricut baby and with the 1st baby (and sometimes the 2nd) friends and family throw baby showers. So I give you the Cricut baby shower.
I used a different color collectible to signify the change that sometime occurs after marriage and during pregnancy.
The soon to be mommy is sporting clothes from the Everyday Day Paper doll line. Cut in coordinating colors as every expecting cricut should be stylish.

Her Diaper bag and accessories are from the New Arrival Department at  J.C. Cricut, coutesy of her wonderful mother in law whom she adores.

Her cricut friends from college brought the banner and ballons from their boutique that just opened called Something to Celebrate

Mr Cricut (with some help from the spring gardner) has kept the Gazebo garden in tip top shape and it looks just as good as it did on their wedding day.
Congratualtions to the expecting parents.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cricut Collectible Challenge! Magazine Challenge #1

The June Magazine challenge over on the Cricut Circle Blog is to dress up the Vinyl Cricut Collectible. We thought it might be fun to give you the chance to play “dress-up”! Our newest challenge will be crazy fun! We want you to dress up any of the Cricut Collectibles, any way you would like. You can dress them up with Cricut cuts, deck them out with fun embellishments and even create a fun landscape to go along with your theme. The best part (besides the prize) is… we will use your collectible in our July magazine on the Design Team page. Challenge Rules: Please use at least 3 Cricut Cuts in “dressing up” your collectible from any cartridges you choose. You have seen the fun things we have done with the collectibles since last fall and now it’s your turn! You can take a picture of your “dressed” collectible out and about or create a little oasis for it. Please upload a working link or picture of your project to the blog under the Magazine Challenge tab. Entry deadline is June 16th, 2012. You are welcome to submit as many entries as you would like. If you use Cricut Craft Room design tool, save your file so if you win, we can share it with the Circle members! The winner of this challenge will receive $150.00 credit to and your project picture will be featured in the magazine!
I decided since June was the month for wedding that I would dress my collectibles up as bride and groom.

I started with the paper doll dress up cartridge for their clothes. I had to alter each outfit a bit to get just the right fit. 

For the bride I used glitter paper for her dress and vellum for the veil. I added some crystals to the dress and the veil to make it sparkle. Her bouquet was some computer clip art.

For the groom I just used black paper white paper and glitter pen. I added a flower and some bling for sparkle.

I used the Spring Cottage seasonal cartridge to make the gazebo and the fence scene.

The vines are from the Paper Doll Dress up cartridge with the same flowers used for brides bouquet. I also added gold glitter bling to the center of the flowers to make them pop.

I decided that no wedding could be complete without the getaway car.
I created this one from the paper play cartridge an added the just married from Sweethearts.
After looking at it for a I bit I figured it needed some cans tied to the back. I made these tin foil that I rolled up with the cuttle bug quilling tool. Then I added paper to make them look like cans.

and now the happy couple are on their to a cricut honeymoon

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cricut!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Challenge #59: Birthday Challenge

Using a bouquet of birthday balloons as your inspiration, create a project of your choice using string in a creative way on your project somewhere . . . you could use it to create your own bouquet of balloons, dangle a set of Chinese lanterns across the top of your page, hang a series of Cricut cut charms from a tag or journaling spot, use it to anchor a banner strung across your page, or swirl it on a lollipop shape. Whatever it is, show us how to use string in a fun way on your project. I needed to make a birthday card for my cute Great Nephew who turns 1 on the 3rd. I decided to use the challenge to get me motivated to really think outside of the box. According to my niece the theme of the birthday is Dinosaur so I decided to use the super cute(not scary) Dinosaur from Create a Critter. I wanted a shaped card so I used my Gypsy to weld two of them together at 6.5. The using the paper from the DCWV Nana's stack I completed all the layers.
I  used the balloon cut, also from Create a Critter at 6.5 and cut two. I covered the tops with adhesive by running it through my Xyron and then I proceeded to put ribbon around the balloons starting from the outside and winding my way to the middle.
I cut two number one's from the Out of Character cartridge and placed them in the center of each Balloon.

Because the card was a shaped Dinosaur I had to figure out how to get the balloons to stay up when the are not connected to the card. You can't see it unless you look really close but I used a few sheets of acetate glued together and then glued to the underside of the balloons and inside the card. I then cut two more balloon and glued on top of the acetate as well as cutting another card base to glued inside to hide the acetate
I really like the way it turned out.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentine treat

A treat I made for Valentines day using individual package of gold fish.