Friday, June 15, 2012

Where are they now!

This is sort of a where are they now expose on Mr & Mrs Cricut. The seemed so happy and when we last saw them they were expecting cricut number 1. Well some years later they found themselves with 8 little cricuts and after the last set of twins were born Mr Cricut ran off with cuddlebug. Leaving Mrs Cicut with a not so fairy tale life..

I give you the old cricut in the shoe.

You know the one that had some many cricuts she didn't know what to do.
Thanks for coming by.


L.B. said...

So much fun..they whole story has been a joy.

cdm317 said...

Adorable! Love the old shoe!

Scrapperdee said...

LOL - cute! Great job

Scrappin with the bug said...

How cute. I love the concept. Great job. Great job dressing them up.