Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cricut Collectible Challenge! Magazine ChallengeCricut Blog Challenge #2

I decided to try another one since the rules state we can make as many as we want. I didn't want my backdrop from the wedding scene to go to waste and as I was staring at I thought "What if I revisited the newly wed some time later. What do you think they would be up to"
I ponder this with myself for quite a while and as I was pondering I received news that my niece is expecting and BAM it hit me (and it hurts some) Mr & Mrs Cricut would be expecting their 1st cricut baby and with the 1st baby (and sometimes the 2nd) friends and family throw baby showers. So I give you the Cricut baby shower.
I used a different color collectible to signify the change that sometime occurs after marriage and during pregnancy.
The soon to be mommy is sporting clothes from the Everyday Day Paper doll line. Cut in coordinating colors as every expecting cricut should be stylish.

Her Diaper bag and accessories are from the New Arrival Department at  J.C. Cricut, coutesy of her wonderful mother in law whom she adores.

Her cricut friends from college brought the banner and ballons from their boutique that just opened called Something to Celebrate

Mr Cricut (with some help from the spring gardner) has kept the Gazebo garden in tip top shape and it looks just as good as it did on their wedding day.
Congratualtions to the expecting parents.


Nadia ( said...

OMGosh--a Cricut that is expecting!!! I wonder if the criclettes come in litters or one at a time! Love the idea of a baby Cricut shower for her!!

Scrappin with the bug said...

Sooo cute. I love the expecting Cricut.. Does that mean we are all aunties???? Great job love the little accessories.

L.B. said...

Love love love..Oh how much fun and so sweet.

cdm317 said...

Oh gosh, this is just way too cute! Very creative! Good luck in the challenge!